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Selected Journal Publications

  1. Abraham Vázquez-Guardado, Alireza Safaei, Daniel Franklin, Sushrut Modak, D. Chanda , “ Hybrid Coupling Mechanism in a System Supporting Higher Order Diffraction, Plasmonic and Cavity Resonances ”, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 113, pp.263902, December 31, 2014.
  2. “Scale-up of the manufacturing of optical metamaterials” , Xiang Zhang, (Research Highlight) Nature Asia Materials, doi:10.1038/am.2014.99, Nov 2014.
  3. Li Gao, Kazuki Shigetac, Abraham Vazquez-Guardadoa, C.J. Progler, G.R.Bogart, J.A.Rogers, D.Chanda*, “Nanoimprinting Techniques for Large-Area Three-Dimensional Negative Index Metamaterials with Operation in the Visible and Telecom Bands”, ACS Nano, Vol. 6, pp. 5535 –5542, June 2014.
  4. L.Gao, Y.Kim, A.Vazquez-Guardado, K.Shigeta, S.Hartanto, D.Franklin, C.J. Progler, G.R.Bogart, J.A.Rogers, D.Chanda*, “Materials Selections and Growth Conditions for Large Area Multilayered Visible Negative Index Metamaterials Formed by Nanotransfer Printing”, (Cover Article) Advanced Optical Materials, , Vol. 2, pp. 256–261, March 2014.
    • Selected for the Best of Advanced Optical Materials - 2014 Edition
  5. K.J. Yu, L. Gao, J.S.Park, Y.R. Lee, C. J. Cocoran, R. G. Nuzzo, D. Chanda*, J.A. Rogers*, “Light Trapping in Ultra-thin Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells”, (Cover Article) Advanced Energy Materials , Vol. 3, pp. 1401-1406, November 2013. (*Corresponding Author)
  6. C. Corcoran, S. Kang, L. Li, X. Guo, D. Chanda*, R. G. Nuzzo*, “Mechanisms of Enhanced Optical Absorption for Ultrathin Silicon Solar Micro-Cells with an Integrated Nanostructured Backside Reflector”, (Cover Article) ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Vol. 5, pp. 4239–4246, April 2013. (*Corresponding Author)
  7. M.L.Ng*, D. Chanda*, Peter R. Herman, “Coherent stitching of light in multilayered diffractive optical elements”, Optics Express, Vol. 20, pp. 23960, Oct 2012.
  8. K. Balasundaram, J. S Sadhu, J. C. Shin, B. Azeredo, D. Chanda, M. Malik, K. Hsu, J. A Rogers, P. Ferreira, S. Sinha, X. Li, “Porosity control in metal-assisted chemical etching of degenerately doped silicon nanowires”, Nanotechnology, Vol. 23, pp. 305304, July 2012.
  9. D. Chanda, K. Shigeta, S. Gupta, T. Cain, A. Mihi, A. J. Baca, G. R. Bogart, P. V. Braun, J. A. Rogers, “Large-Area, Flexible 3-Dimensional Negative Index Metamaterials Formed by Nanotransfer Printing”, (Cover Article) Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 6, 402-407, July 2011.
    • Selected for cover image ( Nature Nanotechnology , July 2011 edition
    • Appeared as featured article of ( Nature Nanotechnology , June-July 2011
    • News & Views: "A stamp of quality" by Dr. Richard D. Averitt, appearing in Nature Nanotechnology, June-July 2011
  10. D. Chanda, K. Shigeta, T. Troung, M. Schulmerich, E. Lui, A. Mihi, P. V. Braun, R. Bhargave, John A. Rogers, “Coupling of plasmonic and optical cavity modes in quasi-three-dimensional plasmonic crystals”, Nature Communications, Vol. 2, pp. 479, Sept 2011.
  11. D. Chanda, K. Shigeta, S. Gupta, T. Cain, A. Mihi, A. J. Baca, G. R. Bogart, P. V. Braun, J. A. Rogers, “A stamp of quality”, Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 2, pp. 396-397, July 2011.
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  13. D. J. Shir Yoon, D. Chanda, J.-H. Ryu and J.A. Rogers, “Performance of Ultrathin Silicon Solar Microcells with Nanostructures of Relief Formed by Soft Imprint Lithography for Broad Band Absorption Enhancement,” Nano Letters 10, 3041–3046 (2010).
  14. D. Chanda, N. Zacharia, M. Haque, M. L. Ng, P. R. Herman, “Flexible fabrication of three-dimensional optical-domain photonic crystals using a combination of single-laser-exposure diffractive-optics lithography and template inversion”, Optics Letters, Vol. 34, pp. 3920-3922, Dec 2009.
  15. D. Chanda, L. E. Abolghasemi, M. Haque, M. L. Ng, P. R. Herman, “Multi-level Diffractive Optics for Single Laser Exposure Fabrication of Telecom-Band Diamond-like 3-Dimensional Photonic Crystals”, Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 20, pp. 15402-15414, Sept 2008.
  16. D. Chanda, L. Abolghasemi, P. R. Herman, “Single Laser Exposure Fabrication of Diamond-Like 3-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Microstructures using Circularly Polarized Light”, Applied Physics A 93, 33-37 (2008).
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  19. D. Chanda, A. Sesay, “Wireless signal-preamble assisted Mach-Zehnder modulator bias stabilization in wireless signal transmission over optical fibre”, Journal of European Transactions of Telecommunications, Vol. 19, No. 6, pp.669-679, October 2008.
  20. D. Chanda, A. Sesay, “Performance of Clipped OFDM Signal in Fiber”, Proceeding of Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004. ( Vol. 4, ISSN:0840-7789 , pp.2401 - 2404, 2004 (DOI:10.1109/CCECE.2004.1347730).
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