Dr. J. Manuel Perez

J. Manuel Perez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Joint Appointment in NanoScience Technology Center and Chemistry with a Secondary Joint in Biomedical Sciences
Phone: 407-882-2843
E-mail: jmperez@ucf.edu
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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship — MGH-Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Ph.D. — Boston University, Boston MA
  • M.S/B.S. Chemistry — University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR

Prior Positions

  • Instructor in Chemistry, Center for Molecular Imaging Research, MGH-Harvard Medical School, 2003-2005


  • Department of Chemistry
  • Biomolecular Sciences, Ph.D. Program


The Perez lab focuses on the development of novel and innovative nanoparticle technologies and their application in nanomedicine, with a main focus on targeted therapeutics and activatable molecular imaging agents. Principles of material sciences, bioconjugation and polymer chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology, imaging, cancer biology and nanotechnology are routinely used in the lab to develop these nanoparticle technologies and understand their interaction with biological materials and living systems. The lab strives to develop nanoparticle-based technologies within two main areas: (1) the delivery of drugs to cancer and (2) the interrogation of molecular interaction with the goal of identifying new targets and therapeutic agents. Among the nanomaterials used in the lab to develop these technologies are those based on iron oxide, cerium oxide, gold and polymeric nanoparticles.

  • Cancer imaging, diagnostics and nanotherapeutics for prostate and breast cancer treatment
  • Development of novel nanoparticle platforms to interrogate biological systems and discover new biological interactions
  • Design of novel activatable imaging probes
  • Pathogen and toxin detection using nanoparticle platforms
  • Design new nanoparticles technologies using iron oxide, cerium oxide and hyperbranched polymeric nanoparticles among others

Current Funding

  • NIH/NIGMS R01: An integrated NMR/magnetic nanosensor system for detection of bacteria and toxins
    Funding Period: 9/2008-8/2013

Previous Funding

  • NIH/NCI K01-Career Award: Development of magnetic sensors for MRI cancer research
    Funding Period: 8/2003-7/2008

Select Publications


Kaittanis, C., Shaffer, T. M., Ogirala, A., Santra, S., Perez, J. M., Chiosis. G., Li, Y., Josephson, L., Grimm, J. Environment-responsive nanophores for therapy and treatment monitoring via molecular MRI quenching, Nature Comm. 2014, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4384.

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  • BCH 4054 Biochemistry II
  • MCB 4932 / IDS 5937 Foundations of Bio-imaging Science
  • BSC 3424 Nanobiotechnology

Awards, Honors, & Societies

  • NCI Career Award (K01)
  • Member, American Association for Cancer Research
  • Member, American Chemical Society
  • Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science
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