What is MISA Center?

  • USDA-NIFA recognized Center of Excellence
  • Interdisciplinary Research, Education and Outreach/Extension
  • Aligned with UCF’s goal of becoming “America’s leading partnership University”
  • Collaborative center engaging institutions from across the world



Congratulations to MISA student, Zon Thwin, on being chosen to receive the Diversity Enhancement Scholarship for Transfers from UCF MASS!

Our Vision

To advance knowledge and promote innovations for sustainable agricultural practices


  • Promote interdisciplinary research culture for stimulating innovations in materials research
  • Develop new technologies for protecting sustainability of agriculture industry challenged by emerging threats of plant diseases and unpredictable weather patterns
  • Establish industry-academia close collaboration for educational and technological knowledge sharing
  • Establish interdisciplinary education and extension program to help growers in making informed decision
  • Promote sustainable outcomes by adopting innovative approaches through engagement of stakeholders, scientists, engineers, industry partners and regulatory agencies