About MISA

MISA was established in 2016, building up on collaborations seeded by Santra-Graham’s work since 2009. Today the team consists of a strong interdisciplinary cohort of researchers aiming at understanding the fate and action of new formulations in plants and their potential impact on the environment.

MISA Goals

The center is physically located at the University of Central Florida (UCF), with collaborators across the US. UCF has long history in creating highly focused and agile centers on timely topics to ensure American competitiveness and energy, food, and water security.

The goals of MISA center are to:

  • Coordinate research efforts to address agricultural diseases threatening crop yield.
  • Improve academic and public education on crop diseases, their economic impact, and possible solutions.
  • Develop extension activities including presence at grower meetings, increasing public awareness, dissemination of research data, tools for economic analysis of treatments by growers, and grower trainings for field deployment of new treatments.
  • Foster public-private partnerships to engage all stakeholders in research and extension activities, with the purpose of developing treatment methods that are practical in the field and economically feasible.
  • Improve economic returns to rural communities.