Yang Research Group - Advanced Materials & Renewable Energy


  • October 2-5, 2016, Dr. Yang served as co-chair for the Society of Engineering Science 53rd annual technical meeting, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
  • August21-25, 2016, Dr. Yang served as co-chair for the 252th American Chemical Society National Metting, Philadelphia, PA.
  • August 17, 2016, our paper on mesoporous MnO2 for high-performance supercapacitors has been published by the Chemical Engineering Journal. Congratulations!
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Welcome to the Yang research group! Research efforts in the Yang lab are directed toward developing advanced materials for clean energy generation and renewable energy storage devices.

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We are looking for graduate, undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows with background and interest in advanced materials and renewable energy. Motivated students please contact Dr. Yang, Yang.Yang@ucf.edu.


Yang Yang, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
12424 Research Parkway
Suite 423
Orlando, FL 32826

Tel 407-823-2845
Fax: 407.882.2819

Yang Research Group, Ph.D., Univeristy of Central Florida  •  Email: Yang.Yang@ucf.edu  •  Phone:407.823.2845  •  Fax: 407.882.2819