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Multimodal Quantum Dots for Imaging

Research in my laboratory focuses on the development of multimodal biodegradable/biocompatible nanoprobe sensors. These nanoparticle probes are magnetically (or optically) quenched in the native state. Upon targeting these nanoparticles will light up under either a MRI or an optical scanner. The goal is to develop "smart" nanoprobes for various in vitro and in vivo applications such as (i) understanding stem cell "homing" and "differentiation" pathways, (ii) early diagnostic cancer imaging and treatment, (iii) Ultra-sensitive and real-time monitoring of intra-cellular processes, (iv) sensitive detection of pathogens etc.

Figure 1. Qdot based fluorescent sensor probe (blue color- fluorescently quenched state; bright yellow color-original Qdot emission)

Figure 2. Selective imaging of rat brain tissue with TAT-conjugated fluorescent Qdots

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