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Postdoctoral research in nanodevice fabrication and electronic transport investigations using 2D materials

A postdoctoral research position is immediately available in experimental nanoscale physics and nano-electronics group under the direction of Professor Saiful Khondaker at the Nanoscience Technology Center (NSTC) and Department of Physics at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The ideal candidate must have a Ph.D. in physics, electrical engineering or related field with a strong publication record and demonstrated skills in the following areas:

  1. Fabrication of nanodevices using optical and electrical beam lithography (EBL). Strong command in EBL is required
  2. Exfoliation or CVD synthesis (preferred) of monolayer MoS2 and other related 2D materials. Experience with transfer technique and vertical heterojunctions fabrication will be a plus.
  3. Low noise electrical transport measurements (room temperature and low temperature) along with the knowledge in related device physics.

The individual should be hard working, creative, and self-motivated who have the ability and interest to pursue challenging and interdisciplinary problems at the interface of physics. material science, and electrical engineering. The candidate should possess strong communication skills including writing of manuscripts and preparation of presentations for scientific meetings.

The position is for up to two years with a salary of $50,000/yr along with other benefits. To be considered for this position please send (a) curriculum vitae with publication list, (b) summary of research accomplishments (2 page limit) , and (c) a brief statement of research interests (2 page limit). All application materials must be sent as one collated PDF document by email to Prof. Saiful Khondaker (, Nanoscience Technology Center, 12424 Research Parkway, Suite 400, Orlando FL 32826. UCF is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged.

UCF is the largest university in USA with an enrollment of over 66,000 students located at east Orlando. NSTC is a state funded center that was established in 2004 to promote nano education, research, and technology development in the rapidly growing central Florida region. NSTC currently have in house Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering faculty all with labs in the same floor giving students and postdocs a truly interdisciplinary research experience.

Orlando is a dynamic and progressive metropolitan region that is an excellent place to live and work. It is an international tourist destination that offers a wide variety of recreational activities, including Disney World and other amusement parks, nightlife, frequent cultural events, and ocean beaches within an hour drive. It has excellent weather throughout the year with a very mild winter.

Opportunities for graduate students

Ph.D. students: We are looking for Ph.D. students to work on 2D materials (MoS2, graphene) and carbon nanotube based devices. If you are an outstanding, motivated and hardworking graduate student with a strong physics background and are excited about working in a truly multidisciplinary environment, please contact Dr. Khondaker with your resume. Students with MS degree and previous research experiences will be given preferences.

MS students: We have research projects for students in Nanotechnology MS program.

Opportunities for undergraduate students

We are looking for a undergraduate student preferably in their Junior/Senior year with strong commitment who want to learn and make strong contribution on state of the nanotechnology research. Students with strong GPA who would like to complete a honors thesis will be preferred. Students belonging to underrepresented group (including female and minority) are strongly encouraged to apply.