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Research interests:

  • Quantum Information Science: Quantum optics based on semiconductor and topological insulator materials, optically mediated quantum information processing with qubits defined in quantum dots that are embedded in nanocavities inside a photonic crystal, quantum cryptography.
  • Wide-band Gap Semiconductor Materials: Study nonlinear optical effects, such as 4-wave mixing spectroscopy, many-exciton correlations, single-photon and many-photon entangled-photon sources.
  • Topological Insulator and Weyl Semimetal Materials: Study electronic properties of nanostructures linear and nonlinear optical effects, plasmonic effects.
  • Graphene: Model mid-IR photodetectors and mid-IR thermal emitters based on the plasmonically enhanced photothermoelectric effect.
  • 2D materials beyond graphene: Investigate and model transistors, photodetectors, and sensors based on 2D layered materials. Identify defects suitable for single-photon sources.
  • Plasmonics in hybrid metal-semiconductor materials: Model light- and voltage-controlled switches to control the propagation of surface plasmon polaritons.
  • Photovoltaics: Develop new nanoparticles for solar energy harvesting, luminescent solar energy concentration for improving current solar panels.
  • Water splitting: Develop new nanoparticles for improved photocatalysis.


Michael N. Leuenberger, Ph.D.

NanoScience Technology Center, Department of Physics, and College of Optics and Photonics

Our group members can be found here