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Industry Partners


Students are required to complete a 3-month full-time internship training (3 credit hours). The internship can be conducted in a company or a research institute that is outside UCF. The program currently has about 20 Industrial and Other Organization Affiliates that can offer potential internship opportunities to the students. The students are encouraged to seek internship training in other companies relevant to nanotechnology development. The internship may be paid or not paid, depending on the specific arrangements between the student and the internship employer. For students that currently hold a position in a company, the students may conduct the internship in their current company. Students that current hold a position in a company may choose to conduct internship in the first or second summer, while students without prior industrial experience are encouraged to conduct internship in the second summer, prior to their graduation. At the end of the internship, the supervisor from the company will provide a performance evaluation. Specific evaluation criteria will be designed by the Graduate Program Committee. A letter grade of “U” or “S” will be given based on the supervisor’s evaluation by the Graduate Program Committee.

Board of Affiliates

We have a list of key industries and scientific/technical/medical organizations to serve on our External Advisory Board. The primary function of the Board is advising on the program curriculum, assisting with internships and placement, assisting with project-identification, and/or interacting individually with our faculty and students. By working closely with our Board of Affiliates, the program aims to train students with both technical and business management skills to work efficiently and competitively in nanotechnology-oriented businesses and entities.

Company/Organization Board Member Location
Sanofi Pasteur William Warren, VP Orlando, FL
Lockheed Martin William Heisey, Director Orlando, FL
NanoSpective Brenda Prenitzer, CEO Orlando, FL
Earthrise Space Joseph E. Palaia Orlando, FL
VA Medical Center Kenneth C. Goldberg, Chief of Staff Orlando, FL
Garmor Jeff Bullington, CTO Orlando, FL
Open Photonics Jason M Eichenholz, CEO Orlando, FL
Quick-Med Technologies Bernd Liesenfeld, President Gainesville, FL
Carbolosic Daniel de. Liege, President West Palm Beach, FL
Nemours Children Hospital Kenneth Lechty, Surgeon in Chief Orlando, FL
King of Fans, Inc. Eli Rivera Fort Lauderdale, FL
Kimberly-Clark James Wang, Technical Leader Neenah, WI
Air Products Jo-Ann Schwartz, Tech. Manager Tempe, AZ
Sematech Dan Holladay, Director Albany, NY
NaugaNeedles Medhi M Yazdanpanah, CEO Louisville, KY
OptoFluidics Bernado Cordovez, CEO Philadelphia, PA
Imerys J Philips E Johns, Director Roswell, GA
MER Corporation R.O. Loutfy, President Tucson, AZ
WITec Instruments Sasha Boljanovic, CEO Knoxville, TN
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ian Anderson, Director Oak Ridge, TN
Bruker Optics Inc. James Burgess, Manager Billerica, MA