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Industry Feedback


Jennifer Parra – Internship Employer: L’Oreal

Compared to the past three interns I have managed during my time at L’Oreal I feel that Jen was equally as prepared as my Ph.D. student from Cornell University. I also feel that she took more initiative than my other MS level student to independently research work related to her project both prior to her arrival and during her time at L’Oreal.

Luis Garcia – Internship Employer: Covance

He would absolutely get an A. Not only have I been impressed by his skills, ability to learn quickly and apply critical thinking to this project, my colleagues have all commented on him. I am currently working on putting together a position so we can hire him full time when he finishes this internship.

Danielle Estes – Internship Employer: GeNO LLC

Daniele far exceeded the original intent of the internship. She was initially going to assist in performing a literature search related to right heart failure and drafting an NIH grant for a therapy to reduce the risk. She made a major contribution toward that goal, but went on to assist in analyzing clinical data, in drafting an Orphan Product Request for the FDA, and participating in planning the development of a new left ventricular device as well as a respiratory assist system. Daniele has been an exceptional intern and a pleasure to have in our Company.

Jorge Damiani – Internship Employer: US Special Operations Command

(A+) Excellent performance, Jorge was given hard tasks and key essential assignment task here with USSOCOM, he was always one step ahead of his task. While Jorge, tour here was short, he was able to complete his goals to the fullest and always excelled at his duties. Jorge was able to conduct his duties and responsibilities and carried more than his shared tasked. He was an essential asset form day one, and he was able to learn the fast pace of USSOCOM supporting Special Operations Forces deployed forward. Jorge, maintained our ongoing capability requirements for top niche Special Operations Capabilities systems and managed, procure, develop, and acquire new technology for the better of the nation.

Kyle Marcus – Conducted Directed Research Under Prof. Yang Yang

(Kyle Marcus is a MS student in Yang’s Renewable-Energy lab since April, 2016 and now he is a co-inventor of a fancy technique that has broad diversity in renewable energy-related applications. Kyle gets professional training on nanomaterials fabrication, renewable energy device assembly and performance testing in Yang’s lab and now he can do independent research. He worked closely with Kun Liang, a postdoc in Yang’s lab, and developed a facile technique to produce free-standing and stretchable metal oxide films for hydrogen fuel cell and rechargeable batteries. A provisional patent on this technique is under preparation which will be licensed to new energy company soon.