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Dr. Hickman currently teaches the following courses.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EEL 5272: Biomedical Sensors

3(3,0). PR: None. Study of the general engineering concepts behind the various biomedical sensors currently used to monitor a patient undergoing clinical therapy or that are under development, as well as technologies utilized in fabrication of these devices.

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

EMA 4506: Emerging Materials

3 Credit hours. The course comprises classroom lectures, which will include guest lectures from experts working in the field of advanced and emerging materials.

EMA 5937: Fabrication & Applications of Clinical Sensors

3(3,0). PR: None. Study of the engineering concepts behind the various clinical sensors currently used or under development, as well as technologies utilized in fabrication of these devices.

Graduate Studies: Nanotechnology MS

IDS6250: Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Course Description: Applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology stretch across biology, medicine, physics, engineering, chemistry, material sciences and beyond. It is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field, which has already attracted billions of dollars in investments from governments and businesses worldwide. The creation of new jobs related to these developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology will continue to grow incoming years, in the industrial and governmental sectors. This course, “IDS 6250 Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology”, will introduce the basic concepts of nanoscience and nanotechnology and their implementations in various scientific fields. Basic concepts including scale and scaling, molecular self-assembling, quantum mechanics, and control and manipulate at the nanoscale and characterization techniques will be discussed, as well as their applications. You will also learn how to gather information from new scientific developments in various disciplines, summarize and present the scientific contents of these findings to illustrate the concepts discussed in class.

Positions are available at the hybrid systems lab for motivated and enthusiastic Ph.D. students with particular interests in either surface chemistry or bioengineering research. Candidates should send a CV listing education, relevant experience and any publications to Dr. Hickman for consideration.

The hybrid systems lab also offers undergraduate and master’s degree research projects to particularly keen, hard-working students. Places are limited so please contact Dr. Hickman to enquire about current available positions.