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Edited books and chapters in scholarly books and monographs

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  • J. Thomas “Organic Photorefractive devices” in Handbook of organic materials for optical and optoelectronic devices: properties and applications; Edited by Dr. Oksana Ostroverkhova (In press) Woodhead Publishing Limited.

Refereed Journals

Conference Proceedings

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  • A. A. Khosroabadi, P. Gangopadhyay, B. Duong, J. Thomas and R. A. Norwood, Optical Properties of Nanostructured Electrodes, DOI: (MRS 2013)
  • The Effect of Diffraction Gratings on Absorption inP3HT:PCBM Layers B. Cocilovo, A. Amooali, S. Shahin, S. Islam, B. Au Thanh Duong, M. Campbell, P. Gangopadhyay, J. Thomas, and R. A. Norwood, JM5A.16, Renewable Energy and the Environment, 2012 OSA.
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