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Welcome to NanoScience Technology Center

Welcome to NanoScience Technology Center (NSTC) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where the mission is to establish a cutting-edge research program in materials and nanotechnology, provide high quality training for students and facilitate the advance of innovations to solve real world technology challenges. Read the complete announcement.

Graduate Studies in
NanoScience Technology

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UCF Researcher Develops Nanotechnologies for Sustainable Agriculture, Optimized Drug Delivery
Prolific University of Central Florida inventor Swadeshmukul Santra is developing new technologies that hold promise not only for sustainable agriculture, but also for improved medicine. Santra, a…
UCF Researcher Discovers New Technique for Photon Detection
UCF researcher Debashis Chanda, a professor at the NanoScience Technology Center, has developed a new technique to detect photons — elementary particles that span from…
UCF Researcher Receives SONY Innovation Award
Debashis Chanda, a professor in UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center, recently received SONY Innovation Award for the year 2022. This is first such award to UCF.…


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NanoDay 2022

Discover your future by attending our open house and being a part of the excitement. Learn about our master’s program and get a behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking research from our students and faculty.

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