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An article co-authored by Debashis Chanda is one of this month’s cover features for Advanced Optical Materials.

This is the first demonstration of large area 3D “visible” negative index metamaterials -> will play important role in the development of “invisibility” cloaks.

J. A. Rogers, D. Chanda, and co-workers demonstrate a nanotransfer printing technique to fabricate large-area, visible 3D negative index metamaterials. Alternating silver and dielectric layers are printed over on a flexible substrate, and deposition conditions are introduced such that nearly ideal geometries with excellent optical properties are obtained.

This research is poised to play important role in the development of “invisibility” cloaks.

Daniel Franklin and Abraham Vazquez-Guardado, two graduate members of Chanda’s Nano-Optics Group, are also co-authors of the paper.

Find the article from Wiley Online Library.