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Congratulations to several PSM/MS students graduting in Spring 2017. We are very glad to have them in our program, very proud of their great accomplishments, and wish them all the best in their future career!

Hearty Congratulations!! This is a significant accomplishment. We are glad to have you in our PSM/MS program, and I hope you have a rewarding experience. Like to wish you all the best in your forward journey and please stay in touch with us. We are proud to have you all our Nano, UCF alumni.

Congratulations again!

Dr. Sudipta Seal

Cristina Bisson, PSM
Jorge Damiani, PSM
Courtney Hart, PSM
An Tranh Nguyen, PSM
My Tran, PSM
Taylor Wood, PSM
Aaron Marbin, PSM
Steve Navarro, PSM
Anand Singh, PSM
Jean-Paul Bryant, PSM
Nicholas Castaneda, MS