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One the biggest lithography conference “Electron, Ion, Photon Technology and Nanofabrication (EIPBN-2017) awarded Dr. Chanda’s “Nano-Space Shuttle” as winner of the nanofabrication micrograph competition.

The EIPBN Conference is dedicated to lithographic patterning science, nanomanufacturing process technology, and the applications these methods enable. For 60 years, and 61 meetings the conference has brought together engineers and scientists from industries and universities from all over the world to report on and discuss recent progress and future trends.

The Nano-Space Shuttle was made using ultra-short laser pulses which are only one trillionth of a second (1/1013 sec) to engrave features inside a photo-polymer which are one billionth of one meter (1/109 m) – one nanometer, defining the path of creation from nothing to everything – Nano-Space Shuttle!