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An article titled “Surface-Modified Porous Carbon Nitride Composites as Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for Zn-Air Battery” from Dr. Yang’s research group has been published by Advanced Energy Materials.

In this work, a scalable nanofabrication route to produce air-breathe electrode for Zn-air batteries has been developed. In such electrode, highly porous carbon nitride (C3N4) flakes were fabricated as an air-permeable skeleton to let air breathe. Cobalt sulfide (CoSx) nanoparticles were decorated on the surface of the porous C3N4 to improve the catalytic activity of the air electrode. And graphene was further added into the electrode to achieve an enhanced conductivity. As a result, the rationally designed CoSx-C3N4-graphene composites displayed excellent activity and stability toward oxygen evolution and reduction reactions, surpassing electrocatalytic performance shown by the state-of-the-art precious metal catalysts for Zn-air batteries. This work provides a promising way to develop high energy and stable electrode for Zn-air batteries.

Dr. Yang Yang is an assistant professor in the NanoScience Technology Center, and Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He also leads an Advanced Materials & Renewable Energy Group, which developing advanced materials for clean energy generation and renewable energy storage devices.</p

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