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Research Pavilion, Room 475 (NanoScience Technology Center)


The main technological requirements for a recording medium are increased density and speed for both reading and writing processes. Interactions between the magnetic particles in a recording medium are of paramount importance in new highly packed systems which are currently in use. We shall present our contributions to the experimental characterization of the interactions in a magnetic medium. For a profound understanding of these results we have made a number of theoretical studies based on both phenomenological (Preisach) and physical (micromagnetic) models. The results we have obtained in the study of hysteretic processes in magnetic materials proved to be useful in the analysis of other hysteretic processes like in ferroelectric hysteresis, and in thermal, light-induced and pressure hysteresis of spin-transition materials.


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Author(s): Enachescu, C; Tanasa, R; Stancu, A; Linares, J; Varret, F; Codjovi, E
Title: FORC analysis of Rate Dependent Hysteresis on the example of Light Induced Thermal Hysteresis in a spin-crossover solid
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Author(s): Tanasa, R; Enachescu, C; Stancu, A; Linares, J; Codjovi, E; Varret, F; Haasnoot, J
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Author(s): Stancu, A; Pike, C; Stoleriu, L; Postolache, P; Cimpoesu, D
Title: Micromagnetic and Preisach analysis of the First Order Reversal Curves (FORC) diagram
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 93 (10): 6620-6622 Part 2 MAY 15 2003