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Qun Huo has been recognized by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council as part of its “Faces of Technology.” She is featured in the Faces of Technology video library, and she will also appear in florida.HIGH.TECH 2012, the Corridor’s annual magazine. To see Qun’s video interview, visit

Huo is the founder and president of Nano Discovery as well an associate professor at UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center. Her company develops new technology and products for biomedical research and diagnosis using gold nanotechnology.

Thanks to the work of researchers like Qun Huo, the Corridor is a thriving hub of technology. Faces of Technology showcases a new company each month that personifies the Corridor’s mission, earning them a spot among the best in the industry. The stories of many of these Faces of Technology have been told through the pages of the Florida High Tech Corridor magazine. Now, through the Faces of Technology videos, you can hear them tell their own stories about how they are using technology to create products and innovations that are helping make the Florida High Tech Corridor a breeding ground for innovation and creativity.