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The UCF Material Advantage and MRS organizations ran a membership drive at the Engineering Building on August 26.

Material Advantage and MRS are two engineering-based clubs at UCF comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from different departments. The members come together to promote the understanding and application of Material Science and Engineering in research, design, reliable manufacture, and use as well as economic and social benefits. The clubs offer a unique information-sharing network among members in forums and meetings, education programs, and through publications and electronic media.

The event promoted membership benefits including competitions, travel grants, scholarships, and future opportunities that MRS and Materials Advantage offer. The clubs also provide outlets for students to develop leadership skills and gain a competitive edge in the global job market through internships and job opportunities.

The students demonstrated state-of-the-art nanotechnology and materials used in their respective fields to attract new members. The clubs are diverse and interdisciplinary thanks to members with backgrounds in material science, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and microbiology. In the end, materials form a bond between all types of disciplines including not just engineering but also basic sciences.

To become a member of the club and find information about future events, contact the officers Swetha Barkham ( and Douglas Nicholson (