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A group of faculty members and students from NanoScience Technology Center participated in the 5th STEM Day held by the Center for Initiatives in STEM on March 31st. Over 1,300 K-12 students from nearly 20 Florida schools attended the event. Drs. Kang, Santra, Yang, Seal, Jung, Zhai and their students (Adi Jayaranjan, Nileshi Saraf, Kyle Marcus, Zhao Li, Nitin Choudhary Ashraful Islam, Luis Hurtado, Anthony Schropp, Angie Diaz, Nicholas Castaneda, Edgar Cruz James Heidings, Tyler Maxwell, Chen Shen, David Fox, Zeyang Zhang, and Ruginn Catarata) set up six stations to demonstrate the application of nanotechnology including the extraction of DNA, two-dimensional materials, energy storage, non-wetting surfaces, and etc. More than 200 K-12 students visited the demonstration stations from NSTC.

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