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Materials360 Online featured Sudipta Seal’s talk at the 31st Israel Vacuum Society Conference.

Dr. Seal was a plenary speaker at the event held on September 30, 2013 in Herzliya, Israel. Seal described how scientists at the University of Central Florida have shown that cerium oxide nanoparticles, commonly used in catalysis, sensing, and protective coating applications, possess unexpected biological properties. These nanoparticles, which were shown to be biologically benign, exhibited a large variety of functions that protected cells and enhanced cellular repair processes. These functions included enhanced cellular lifetime and radiation resistance; faster cellular recovery after crash conditions, spinal injury, and wound closure; and suppression of cancer and glaucoma growth.

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Since its inception in 1968, the Israel Vacuum Society has promoted professional communication among Israeli scientists specializing in the areas of surface science, thin films and vacuum technology and evolved to include nanoscience, alternative energy, bio-materials, and electro-optics.