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Central Florida native John Bittman has had an unconventional journey to the University of Central Florida and now the trip has just taken an unexpected turn.

Just months before completing UCF’s Nanotechnology Professional Science Master’s degree program, and what Bittman had hoped would be the final planning for a business launch, the federal government has selected Bittman for a prestigious program that will guarantee him a mid-level federal job for the next two years.

Only six people were selected from Florida and Bittman is the only one from UCF. The fellows will get to apply for federal positions that take advantage of their expertise whether it be biomedical science and nanotechnology – like Bittman’s – or human rights, cultural affairs or economics.

“We have outstanding faculty and a NanoScience Technology Center, which gives our students a unique opportunity to learn by doing with leaders in the field and in partnership with industry.” That’s been true for Bittman.

“It’s an amazing opportunity. I have always been interested doing some kind of business in the biomedical field. ut I’ve kind of had an untraditional path, so it’s taking me a little while. But you have to go with opportunities when they happen.” For now, Bittman is working on completing his program and doing some research about the many federal agencies he would like to work for this summer.