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The Annual Joint Symposium & Exhibition of the Florida Chapter of the AVS Science and Technology Society (FLAVS) and the Florida Society for Microscopy (FSM) was held Monday and Tuesday, March 4-5 at the UCF student union.

Several NSTC researchers were recognized for their outstanding poster presentations in five categories.

Energy-related materials

  • First place: Matthew McInnis, Dr. Zhai’s group
  • Honorable mention: Binh Tran, Dr. Zhai’s group
  • Honorable mention: Narae Kang, Dr. Khondaker’s group

Materials processing

  • Third place: Astha Malhotra, Dr. Zhai’s group
  • Honorable mention: Maria Stancescu, Dr. Hickman’s group

Computational and experimental materials science

  • Second place: Udai Bhanu, Dr. Khondaker’s group

Materials characterization

  • Third place: Chris McAleer, Dr. Hickman’s group
  • Honorable mention: Jeremy Tharkur, Dr. Santra’s group
  • Honorable mention: Mikaeel Young, Dr. Santra’s group


  • First place: Joe Zuyus, Dr. Zhai’s group