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The Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization recently honored Rameech McCormack with its 2013 Student Award. Rameech is the only undergraduate among this year’s winners, alongside graduate students from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, Stanford and other top schools.

Rameech is a student in Dr. Sudipta Seal’s research group. His work focuses on sensors and materials characterization.

Applicants submitted an essay describing how their work relates to SNO and why it is important for sustainable nanotechnology. SNO provides a professional society forum to advance knowledge in all aspects of sustainable nanotechnology.

Rameech will also be attending the 2nd SNO Conference in November in Santa Barbara, CA. He will present a paper he co-authored with Swetha Barkam and Sudipta Seal, entitled “Biocompatible Functionalization of Nanoceria and Retention of Catalytic Properties Post Ion-Particle Interaction.”

See all the winners and additional conference information in the latest SNO newsletter (Student Award winners appear on page 4).