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  • Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Pennsylvania
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Georgia Institute of Technolog
  • Ph.D.: Auburn University
  • B.S.: Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Research in Dr. Shen’s group is focused on the development of functional materials enabled products through the design, manufacturing and integration of both functional materials and traditional materials, with capabilities for functional and length-scale integration to generate hierarchical structures and system for existing and emerging application areas ranging from biotechnology and medical products to structural health monitoring (SHM) and agricultural applications. Visit Dr. Shen’s Research Group site for more information:

Selected Publications

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  3. F. Vitale, W. Shen, N. Driscoll, J. Burrell, A.G. Richardson, O. Adewole, B. Murphy, A. Ananthakrishnan, T. Wang, T.H. Lucas, D.K. Cullen, M.G. Allen, B. Litt, “Biomimetic extracellular matrix coatings improve the chronic biocompatibility of microfabricated subdural microelectrode arrays”, PLoS One, 13(11):e0206137 2018.
  4. W. Shen, S. Das, F. Vitale, A. Richardson, A. Ananthakrishnan, L.A. Struzyna, D.P. Brown, N. Song, M. Ramkumar, T. Lucas, D.K. Cullen, B. Litt, M.G. Allen, “Microfabricated Intracortical Extracellular Matrix-Microelectrodes for Improving Neural Interfaces”, Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 4 (1) 30, 2018 (Featured article and Cover image).
  5. W. Shen, L. Karumbaiah, X. Liu, T. Saxena, S. Chen, R. Patkar, et al., “Extracellular matrix-based intracortical microelectrodes: Toward a microfabricated neural interface based on natural materials,” Microsystems & Nanoengineering, vol. 1, p. 15010, 2015.