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Imaging and Spectroscopy of Biological Systems

The extreme sensitivity of single molecule laser scanning confocal microscopy allows the detection of the presence of a single molecule or nanoparticle. Combined with the excellent spatial resolution of this research tool we are developing the capability of tracking biological processes at the molecular level. We quantitatively study biophysical processes at the single molecule level to unravel and understand the mechanism and kinetics of biologically important processes such as DNA and protein folding dynamics, and biochemical reactions involving enzymes.

Imaging and Spectroscopy of Biological Systems

Our work also involves the development of novel imaging and spectroscopic techniques for biological systems. This includes the tracking of individual nanoparticles to study processes inside living cells. This multidisciplinary research program will have a significant impact on the emerging fields of nanobiology and nanomedicine.

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Dr. Andre J. Gesquiere
Department of Chemistry, CH 117
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816