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An article authored by Jayan Thomas, Laurene Tetard, Zenan Yu, and Lei Zhai and is featured on the cover of Energy & Environmental Science . The aricle, “Supercapacitor electrode materials: nanostructures from 0 to 3 dimensions” highlights the effect of nanostructures on the properties of supercapacitors including specific capacitance, rate capability and cycle stability, which may serve as a guideline for the next generation of supercapacitor electrode design.

Dr. Jayan Thomas is an assistant professor in the NanoScience Technology Center, Materials Science & Engineering, and Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers. He also leads a Nano Energy-Photonics Group, which conducts research focused primarly on Nanostructured Supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries, nanoarchitectured light trapping solar cells, photorefractive polymers for 3D display applications, nonlinear optical materials, plasmonic structures and printed optical and photonic devices.

Dr. Laurene Tetard is an assistant professor in the Nanoscience Technology Center and the Physics Department. She also leads the Tetard Research Group, which focuses on the development of high resolution characterization tools to advance the understanding of materials and complex systems.

Zenan Yu is an MSE Ph.D. candidate and a Graduate Research Assistant. Last year Yu, along with Dr. Thomas, developed an innovative method of transmitting and storing electricity in a single lightweight copper wire, which has the potential to be adapted for a wide range of applications such as flexible solar cells paired with special fibers, that could eventually be developed with nanostructures to conduct and store energy, that could be used to design a jacket capable of powering various electronic devices.

Dr. Lei Zhai is an associate professor in the Nanoscience Technology Center and the Department of Chemistry with research interests in Polymer Composites for Energy Conversion and Storage, Surface Science and Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Nanoparticles, Polymer-Derived Ceramics, Multilayer Films, and Functional Electrospun Fibers.

Energy & Environmental Science is a journal linking all aspects of the chemical, physical and biotechnological sciences relating to energy conversion and storage, alternative fuel technologies and environmental science.

For more information, access the article at RSC Publishing.