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Recent UCF Graduates Have Accepted Tenure-track Positions at Top Universities

August 3, 2022

A tenure-track position is the unicorn of academia, but students are finding jobs after earning their doctorate degrees at UCF and going onto places like NC State, Notre Dame, and the University of Toronto. Getting a tenure-track faculty position at a university has become harder, but several UCF recent graduates are beating the odds. For…

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UCF Researchers Develop Technology for AI that Mimics the Human Eye

June 27, 2022

The device could lead to advanced artificial intelligence that can instantly recognize what it sees and has applications in self-driving vehicles and robotics. University of Central Florida researchers have developed a device for artificial intelligence that mimics the retina of the eye. The development could lead to advanced AI that can instantly recognize what it…

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‘Brain-on-a-Chip’ Technology Advances Toward a New Form of Drug Screening

June 16, 2022

Brain-on-a-chip simulated models hold the potential to revolutionize and accelerate the way new drugs are discovered. A UCF researcher’s work to create a “brain-on-a-chip” aims to improve neurological disorder research by speeding up drug discovery and providing an alternative to animal testing. James Hickman — professor of chemistry, biomolecular sciences and electrical engineering — recently…

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Another Record Year for UCF — 8 NSF CAREER Award Winners

June 13, 2022

The recipients are engineers who work with interdisciplinary teams to solve tech and health problems. The U.S. National Science Foundation has named eight UCF professors 2022 NSF CAREER award recipients. All of the recipients are engineers by training who are working on interdisciplinary projects that aim to improve health or to develop new technology that…

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UCF Researchers Create Brain-like Devices to Enable AI in Remote Regions and Space

April 13, 2022

Researchers at the University of Central Florida are developing new devices that will allow artificial intelligence (AI) to work from anywhere, without connecting to the internet. This means technology ranging from natural language processing programs, like Siri or Alexa to robots and other advanced applications, could work in remote regions of the globe or even…

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UCF Researchers Are Part of New Multi-million-dollar Awards from U.S. Department of Defense

March 29, 2022

The new funding will support projects that range from advancing hypersonic propulsion to improving semiconductor performance. Three University of Central Florida researchers are part of recently announced multi-million-dollar research projects aimed at facilitating the growth of newly emerging technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense. The awards, which are part of the DOD’s Multidisciplinary University…

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Former Nano Student Awarded 2022 Order of the Pegasus​

March 27, 2022

Twenty-six students — ranging in disciplines from engineering to biology to education and others across the institution — have been named as 2021-22 recipients of the Order of Pegasus, UCF’s most prestigious student award for those who display incredible academic achievement, university involvement, leadership and community service.​ ​ It includes Charles (Chuck) Didier, a Biomedical…

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UCF Researcher to Collaborate with MIT on DARPA Night-vision Project

March 3, 2022

NanoScience and Physics Professor Michael Leuenberger will help develop lighter night-vision goggles than current models that weigh 2 pounds. The four-year project is a collaboration between the laboratory of Michael Leuenberger at UCF and the laboratory of Dirk R. Englund ˙at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It’s funded by a $1.1 million-dollar grant from the…

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UCF Student Nanotech Team Designs Space Suit Material for NASA Competition

January 25, 2022

The team’s new design, which uses the microstructure of bee hair to simulate the capture and release of pollen, helped them secure an award. A group of six University of Central Florida students and alums from a range of fields designed and won the Best Technical Poster award as finalists in NASA’s recent Lunar Dust…

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