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Alzheimer’s research by Masunov and Workalemahu Mikre highlighted by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

February 4, 2011

According to a news article published by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Dr. Artëm Masunov and his graduate student Workalemahu Mikre Berhanu were among the largest users of the newly established petascale supercomputing facility at Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). The team used supercomputer time to identify which small molecules…

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Grad Student Benafan Honored by ASME

AMPAC graduate student Othmane Benafan placed second in the American Society Of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Applied Mechanics Division student paper competition. The winners were selected in a three-step process: a first round selection of 30 semi-finalists from all submissions, a second round selection of 15 finalists who were then invited to make oral presentations in…

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Qun Huo: Detecting cancer with gold

A discovery made in a UCF nanotechnology lab will likely become an over-the-counter cancer test kit in three to five years, thanks to a new commercialization grant. In 2009, Qun Huo and her team developed a new technique involving gold nanoparticles to help detect cancer. She then launched Nano Discovery, Inc., a medical research bioassay…

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Power Plant Waste to Energize Oil Spill Cleanup

The National Science Foundation awarded Sudipta Seal a $67,000 grant that will help the professor turn waste material, commonly referred to as flyash, into a cleaning agent. Seal will modify the flyash so it absorbs oil and can be delivered to a coal-burning facility and re-used. Read the complete article.

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MIT Technology Review Features Planar Technology, AMPAC

The MIT Technology Review features Orlando start-up Planar Energy and its new manufacturing techniques that could improve the stability and lifetime of batteries used in electric vehicles. UCF’s AMPAC, which verified the results of Planar’s next-generation lithium-ion batteries, is also featured in the story. Read the complete article.

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Pansy Patel joins Gaussian, Inc.

January 26, 2011

Dr. Pansy Patel, a former member of Prof. Masunov’s group, has joined Gaussian, Inc. Earlier this year, Pansy was awarded her Ph.D. from UCF. Her thesis was entitled “Computational Studies of Photochromism in Diarylethenes” (Adviser: Prof. Artüm Masunov). Founded in 1987, Gaussian, Inc. is a world leader in electronic structure computational chemistry programs. The Gaussian…

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UCF Researchers Join Harvard, MIT in Top National Ranking

The University of Central Florida now ranks among the nation’s top research institutions, according to an independent analysis released on January 18. Read the complete article from UCF Today or Orlando Business Journal. A separate article about UCF’s rise is found in the Orlando Sentinel.

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Special Sugar, Nanoparticles Combine to Detect Cholera Toxin

A technique developed by UCF scientists, including NSTC’s J. Manuel Perez, would allow relief workers to stop the spread of cholera, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives in Haiti since the devastating earthquake last year. Read the complete article from UCF Today. The story is also available from PhysOrg and ScienceDaily.

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Robotic Arm Technology

January 23, 2011

The assistive robotics research conducted by Aman Behal’s team is featured in the UCF Newsroom. Behal and his collaborators are hard at work developing technology that will make life easier for thousands of people who are so dependent on others because of physical limitations. Read the complete article and view the accompanying video.

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