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Nano Fellowship Brochure (PDF)
Application Form (PDF)

The NanoScience Technology Center Graduate Fellowship

Fellowship awardees will also receive financial support from NSTC for a duration of four years. The Fellowship stipend has been set at $32,000 per year with financial support from the fellowship for first two years and support from the research advisor for the next two years. Tuition is waived for the duration of the fellowship. Awarded degrees will be in traditional disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Optics, Computer, and Biomedical Sciences), with a concentration in nanoscience.

What opportunities exist at the NSTC?

We are committed to providing world class training in nanoscience and nanoscience technology to graduate students through our nanoscience technology fellowship program. This program is perfect if you are at the top of your class, motivated, and want to learn more about Nanoscience and Nanoscience Technology at University of Central Florida. The experience gained from the fellowship program is only one of the many benefits that members will obtain.

Available projects include:

Why join the NSTC?

If you are interested in learning and working in the cutting edge field of Nanoscience, the NSTC is the ideal institution in which to pursue your education and training. Researchers within the NSTC are performing research in areas at the forefront of scientific discovery. UCF provides access to the ever expanding market of high technology and advanced manufacturing jobs in this flourishing technological region. For more information on the technology market in Central Florida, visit the Florida’s High Tech Corridor (FHTC) at, the UCF Technology incubator at, and the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission at

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